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Insurance jobs description

You think that insurance jobs could be the best fit for you, but you are not sure enough? Want to know little more about insurance careers, positions, duties and usual requirements? Check these facts.
Profession of an insurance adjuster might be perfect for your skills. Insurance adjusters have to collect evidence in order to support contested claims in court, interview claimant and witnesses, consult hospital and police records and inspect property damage. This position also includes obtaining credit information from banks, referring questionable claims to investigator and examining titles to property to determine validity. Insurance adjuster also must analyze information gathered by investigation, correspond with agents and claimants and communicate with former associates to verify employment record.
If you want to work as insurance adjuster, high school diploma could be enough for beginning. Have in mind that Bachelor’s degree in an insurance related field is preferable for most employers. Insurance adjuster should be communicative and have interpersonal, analytical and math skills.

Insurance broker jobs

Insurance broker jobs are for those who have negotiation and numerical skills, the ability to work well in a team and commercial awareness. Insurance brokers organize suitable insurance covers for private clients and organizations. They must have administrative and IT skills, flexible approach to work and understanding of client confidentiality. This role includes advising the clients whether and when should they make a claim on their policies, arranging specialized types of insurance cover in complex cases and gathering information from clients about their insurance needs and risk profile. Insurance brokers also have to research insurance company’s policies, foresee client’s insurance needs, advise clients on risk management and ensure they understood the terms and the extent of the cover provided.

A degree in accounting, business, mathematics, management or finance could be helpful if you want to apply for this position, but it is not necessary. These employees usually work for financial advice companies, insurance risk management departments, small or large brokerages, insurance or reinsurance companies, etc.

Insurance agent jobs

Insurance agent jobs are there, too. This kind of job includes approaching potential clients, promoting all types of new insurance contracts, determining client’s needs and developing coordinated protection plan. Insurance agent should also customize insurance programs to suit individual clients, calculate premiums and establish payment method, provide continuing service and death benefits and maintain bookkeeping systems, database and records, monitor insurance claims, etc.

Insurance agents must have high school diploma or Bachelor’s degree. Business or finance courses would be useful, also. Those agents should also have ability to influence, basic computer knowledge and statistical analysis. They have to be able to deliver client-focused solutions as well. These employees must be initiative and have pleasant telephone manner, self-confidence and ability to explain complex issues.

Insurance underwriter jobs

Insurance underwriter jobs are available for those who have logical approach to work, the ability to work to tight deadlines and absorb technical information as well as willingness to work using their own initiative. They are link between insurance agent and insurance company. If you want to become insurance underwriter you have to have decision-making skills and be detail oriented. This kind of workers often work in life assurance companies, banks, reinsurance companies, credit agencies or other companies.

Insurance underwriters have to screen applicants on the basis of set criteria, examine insurance proposals, analyze statistical data, determine premiums, prepare insurance policy terms and conditions and collect background information and assessment of risks. They also have to write quotes and negotiate the terms with brokers and clients, decide the wording of policies and liaise with insurance brokers and customers.

Insurance underwriters have to write terms and conditions for individual insurance policies, but they use results of work of an insurance advisor. Insurance advisor conduct detailed surveys of what the claimant wants insured – fire protection systems, possible risks for employees, visitors and customers, potential faults on equipment and machinery, health and safety procedures in a building, etc. He or she provides advice for investments in various insurance schemes and could be in charge for claiming information, processing member’s policy changes, providing quotes for new and existing members, invoicing, data entry, etc.
This person has to be tactful, good ad gathering information, have knowledge of insurance law and be able to maintain integrity in all dealings. Also, insurance underwriters must have enquiring personality, understanding of technical information, ability to write reports and good customer-serving skills.
Maybe you are interested in insurance claims jobs? Insurance claims handler has to collect information and documents to proceed with claim, guide policyholders on how to proceed with claim and investigate potentially fraudulent claims. He or she also must ensure fair settlement of a valid claim, handle any complaints associated with the claim, seek legal recovery of monies paid out and take responsibility for productivity and profit.

For this position you will need to have commercial acumen, the ability to think strategically, good numeracy and literacy and ability to access the situation objectively. Insurance claims handler also has to be good in communication, organization, negotiation, time management and report writing.

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